Church Paint Parties

Join us for an uplifting and creative experience at Handmade Joy by Rhi’s Church Paint Parties! I provide engaging and faith-inspired paint parties for church women’s and youth groups.

Gather your congregation or youth group and embark on a journey of artistic expression as we combine the joy of painting with the power of faith. I will guide you through step-by-step instructions, allowing you to create beautiful artworks that reflect your spiritual journey.

During our Church Paint Parties, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow church members, foster community bonds, and strengthen your faith in a unique and enjoyable way. Our carefully curated paint party themes incorporate biblical and inspirational elements, ensuring a meaningful and uplifting experience for everyone involved.

Whether you’re hosting a special event, retreat, or simply seeking a creative outlet for your church group, our Church Paint Parties are tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide all the necessary art supplies and materials, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable experience for all participants.

Discover the joy of creating art together as a church community, while also nurturing your spiritual connection. Unleash your creativity, deepen your faith, and foster lasting friendships at Handmade Joy by Rhi’s Church Paint Parties.

Book your church group’s paint party today and let’s embark on a beautiful journey of art and faith together!

Some Painting choices

Or choose from our Lookbook!

What You Provide

Participants! Advertise in your church bulletin or schedule and gather up your painters!

A location – table and chairs for everyone and a water source/sink.

Food and/or drinks (optional)

What I provide

Expert step-by-step instruction.

All painting supplies including canvas, paint, brushes, tablecloths and watercups

Affordable pricing based on the number of participants and the size of choosen painting. Hit Contact us at the top of the page for a quote!